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Vaccines – The new WMDs – Part 1


Vaccines – The Silent WMD’s

Sept 08, 2009 by Doomsday
. . Firstly, this is not a complete list of additives/adjuvants/virus/bacterium at all (listed in part 2 of this series). In times of international pandemic emergencies, anything could be added to the injection if they deem it necessary to include. If they felt that aspertame, ammonia, smallpox proteins, rat feces, or flourine would ‘help’ they can add it also, without proper clinical testing or legal recourse. Remember, big pharma has been granted immunity (by the FDA) to lawsuits regarding any/all side effects resulting from the innoculation. Also remember that vaccines are the leading cause of the spread of disease. If a healthy community is vaccinated against even the common flu, then there will ultimately be a flu outbreak. If the shot was never administered to that community, the chances of an outbreak would be close to nil. Proper diet, sanitation, hygene and prevention are key measures to mitigate bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. FIY, MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheets. It gives all the handling/transportation/health information about chemicals and substances. They are a federal requirement by DHEC and OSHA. Probably NIOS and all those other do-gooder government acronyms too, not sure..
In every sense of meaning, it has proven fundamentally useless to issue vaccinations at all, beyond the foreseeable profitability of inflicting illness, then providing healthcare for the disease they initiated. For the entities that created this scenario, their plan comes full circle. For the victims, it is a downward spiral of chronic health problems, ending in a tragic and painful death. Vaccines are the most effective tool to introduce and propogate the elements that are theoretically ‘required’ to prevent it. The worst part is, the BioMed/Pharmaceutical industry has evolved a highly lucrative business of creating cashflow and debt from tragedy. A vaccine is invented to ‘prevent’ a disease under the weak premise that the body can build antibodies/antigens if given a small dose of the disease they intend to prevent. A logical analysis for an illogical concept. Therefore, by developing a vaccine to cure something, they expose the public to it. If they were sincere about actually finding a cure for diseases, they would refrain from putting toxic and poisonous elements and pathogens into the mix. What we have here is the blatant exploitation, exposure, and profiteering of the Medical/BioMed and pharmaceutical companies, via the power mechanism of the global industrial complex, with greed and genocide being the bounty. If it were safe and reliable to have the flu innoculation, why would they pump the ‘cure’ full of contaminants and pathogens? Why would they create a safe preventative innoculation, but refuse to take the shot themselves? If it were safe, why would they (Congress/FDA) declare legal immunity to the full spectrum of pharmaceutical companies against legal recourse resulting from side effects? If vitamin C and D are pivotal in preventing the disease, why would they withhold that information from the public? If swine flu is a mild flu with symptoms dissappearing in a matter of days, why invoke a global emergency when the mortality rate is currently leaps and bounds less than the conventional flu? If the swine flu vaccine were actually helpful, then other countries like Germany, France, UK, New Zealand, and Australia would not be livid over the WHO draconian plan of mandatory vaccination, required quarantines, and priority to children and pregnant women, right? In July 2009, the WHO raised the pandemic level to it’s highest point of the scale. A level 6 pandemic was declared, and now they are not even keeping track of the world statistic of this ‘killer flu’. Why incite a level 6 pandemic, then stop monitoring its’ spread and mortality rate? Why, for the global ‘state of medical emergency’ of course. It serves precedence to military intervention. Some of us call it Martial Law. I will not delve into the global depopulation agenda (#21), as that is reserved for a different blog, but know this. There are extremely powerful people/groups on this planet that believe the Earth is highly overpopulated, and are taking their appropriate steps…..
Our DoD has no moral and ethical boundaries in place to protect even their own military properly against these microbial invaders. In fact, they support it. In 2004 a Superior Court Judge banned squalene as a vaccine adjuvant. The DoD knew it was highly damaging to the bodys’ autoimmune system, yet they added it to Anthrax vaccines and gave it to their own soldiers in Operation Desert Storm. Our own commanders threw our soldiers into a poisoned, hostile environment like parasites under a microscope. The were injected with toxins and sent to a battlezone that was engulfed in radioactive clouds of depleted uranium ammunition. The puppeteers have no mercy on their victims, even the ones that pledged to fight and protect the very principles of the corrupt system that they enlisted to defend. Even the Anthrax scare during 9/11 was government planned. Let’s not forget that the strains of Anthrax found in Senator Daschle’s office were “pure weapons grade” anthrax from an Army Pathogen installation in Utah (Dugway, if I remember correctly) . If spread properly, there was enough anthrax spores in that envelope to spark a large scale epidemic (a trillion spores in just a gram). The newest engineered pandemic is of a different design. Threat and hype accelerate the spread of a national panic without viable proof. The fear of a pandemic is a pandemic in itself.
Here’s an example. A deadly new ‘natural virus’ finds its’ way into the general public. It’s origins are unknown and communicability to humans is at a near zero threshhold. Somehow the ‘natural virus’ mutates and new more virulent and aggressive strains immediately surface. Now it can be absorbed into humans (mutation into human adaptogenetics would begin slowly and regionally specific i.e different strains/mutations would not be an instant global triggering. Many adaptive strains would occur in different locations throughout the globe at different time intervals due to the seasonal variations, environmental conditions, and a suitable medium). So now there is a threat to humanity itself. It pops up EXACTLY where the CDC and WHO ‘anticipate’ it to. The pharmaceutical companies touch base with BioGenetic/Engineering companies who just ‘happen to be investigating that particular threat’ and have access to tens, possibly hundreds of gallons of ‘research material’. So a rapid vaccine is rushed to the rescue. The FDA allows testing to be vague and pointless since placebos (and non-adjuvant variants are used, and testing is immediate, so ‘preservatives’ are not needed) are used in ‘clinical testing’ because NOW, it is a pandemic, and ‘Fast-Tracking’ a ‘cure’ takes precedence over safety. Testing at this point, is done ‘on-the-fly’, therefore, turning the populous into free roaming test rats in a global laboratory. Here is where it gets tricky. The big pharma conglomerate convinces the medical industry that a vaccine has been approved for distribution, because some Bio engineering company isolated it, and ‘may have found the AntiGen’. So now the money wheel is spinning. Big pharma creates a solution to the big problem (which in itself was created also). Big pharma makes BILLIONS on it. BioGenetics labs make a fortune (and I’ll not go into detail about the hundreds of BioGeneticists and Chemical Engineers who mysteriously end up dead whilst working on these highly sensitive projects). Hospitals make a fortune (multiple ways via admissions, doctor visits, lab work, free billable meds via pharma company giveaway promotions, prescription incentives, middleman markups, etc). Remember, our illustrious ex-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is in cahoots with the company that produces and markets Tamiflu (another ‘cure’ with dangerous side effects in itself). Big pharma knowingly includes verified toxins and poisons into its vaccines. The medical industry now has a plethora of brand new symptoms to treat (and more mysterious illnesses). The medical industry now optimizes its profitability by treating symptoms instead of diseases. Diseases spawn symptoms – symptoms do not spawn diseases. And now that this particular variant of a new ‘natural’ virus is widesprad, drastic measures have to be taken. Is anyone else seeing the reciprocal profiteering in this scheme? (BioTech stocks soaring, Wall St soaring, Medical supplies soaring, legal and financial inaccountability, threats of forced vaccinations to an otherwise trivial pandemic). We had the Swine flu threat of 1976, then followed the Ebola threat, Anthrax threat, the West Nile threat, the SARS threat, the bird flu threat, the ecoli threats in one food after another…. now we have the pig virus… they have been trying to get a global pandemic started for a few decades, and haven’t found anything that will ‘catch’ yet.
This is yet another war created by the elitists. Create the problem, offer their solution, implement it and sustain it while making a fortune.They even manage to peel away more of your rights and freedoms too, but you will have begged them to do it, and threw your money at them by the bucket-load. They have been playing you for a sucker for decades, and you fall right in line with them. You gobble up every bit of spoken/printed trash from TV and newspapers, and get run off the cliffs just like a slaughter of buffalo. It’s time to pull the curtain back, and see which monkey is pushing the button. You? Or them?
Personal experience:

: I was working construction (electrician) in Florida during the summer of 2007 (around late June sometime). One morning I arrived at work as usual and began my day. I was working inside. During the first morning break as I went outside, I noticed a slight yellow dusting on my vehicle. I had my suspicions, but returned back to work. At lunchtime I went back out to my truck and noticed the yellow dust was EVERYWHERE. Shortly after lunch I heard many of the workers on the job talking about suddenly not feeling well. The following 1-3 weeks were chaotic at work to say the least. Attendance was spotty at best. Some had high fevers, some caught disabling forms of the flu, some caught a stomach virus, and others complained of feeling drained and weak. A few were hospitalized with pneumonia, while some had sinus infections or other respiratory difficulties. There were no consistencies with the health problems that suddenly plagued the 300 workers, or residents in the neighborhood. It was not from vaccines, but the medical industry in that area was doing a booming business. So where did it come from? The sky of course. I also noticed the ‘pollen’ was a bright, almost flourescent yellow color. Almost the color of a bananna peel. Trees and sand were the only surrounding environment, so I’m quite sure the drab brownish yellow tree pollen had no effect. There were no ‘pollen alerts’ on the local news. That morning I did notice many jet paths overhead (commonly referred to as chemtrails), where their vapor trail never diminished. They spread out, and eventually covered the sky in a haze. So why is this experience in a vaccine blog? It is suspected that a slurry of pathogens were released into the environment via aircraft dispersion (similar to how other pathogens would/could be started). Some would call it a micro-pandemic. The effects and after-effects could be studied by the increased influx of ill people to local clinics and hospitals, and by the measured outflow of antibiotics, and other medications. It is quite simply a mechanism by elitist powers to stimulate the medical economy while doing some ‘field research’ at the same time. It’s not the first time the govt has exposed citizens to toxins and poisons and studied the results via clinical reports and statistics, and occasionally by class-action lawsuits. Interesting thing here, is that yellow ‘pollen’ settled into pools after a rain (was there for days too, apparently with the infectants being washed away). And the birds (seagulls) would not drink from them puddles. The clinics out there didn’t make a nickel from me either. I was sick for a few days from that but I managed to beat it by taking mega doses of vitamin C (along with tylenol) during the day, and 2 shots (maybe 3) of Everclear at bedtime. I also ate my lunch outdoors so I got 30 minutes of sunlight (vitamin D) each day.

As for me, I refuse ANY vaccination, and am wary of anything else that has to flow through a needle or be sniffed or swallowed, or placed in a body cavity. I have not recieved a flu shot for years and I have not caught it either. Why? Preventative measures. If you have a healthy immune system, it can fight off virtually everything natural. Vitamins play an important role as it is a natural boost/reinforcement to the immune system. Also remember that the Codex Alamentarius goes into effect Jan 1, 2010. This codex will deem many vitamins and supplementals illegal and you will have to visit your doctor to get a prescription to even a daily requirement of it. The codex is far too extensive about limiting your access to natural, healthy foods and supplements and it cannot be covered here, but feel free to research it for yourself. It also has a huge impact upon farms and gardens. They basically want you to eat genetically synthesised non-nutritional food in a happy colorful package in which most of the ingredients are poisons and toxins with unreadable names, because they understand that people are gullible enough to eat any kind of poison as long as it is palletable, trendy, and pretty, and pay good money for it. Even your sacred fruits and veggies are genetically modified and contain pesticides. Not getting enough vitamin C? After the codex goes into effect, you will need to get a prescription from your doctor, eventually.
Big pharma, Bio engineering, BioMed, and medical industry are all working hand in hand to make sure you are sick, sluggish, broke, and completely dependant (but not too sick to work and pay taxes). But if it is a naturally occuring virus (even if developed by unnatural means), there is a wide scope of plausible deniability on the part of our own government. “It’s just a naturally occuring virus” afterall… The legal and insurance industries are the amalgum that hold these entities together to form one giant leeching mechanism to insure the useless eaters of the planet stay ill, and that they will riot in the streets in order to pay for it. The very food you eat creates most of the reasons you need to visit your doctor to begin with. MSG and Aspertame are the 2 biggest poisons you put in your body every day. Did you know that your artificial sweetener makes you fatter? Did you know that MSG makes you more obese? Both are neurotoxins, but your government wouldn’t lie to you, right? They are here to protect you, right? You voted for them, so you trust them implicitly, right? The FDA only serves mankind to insure that YOUR health is tip-top, right? And they are picking up the tab for it too, right? They play the part of the rescuer at an auto accident. Dragging the victim of a debilitating spinal injury away from the ‘apparent danger of a damaged and leaking automobile’. You get rewarded with permanent disability, staggering medical bills, uphill battles for compensation, dependency on others for simple tasks, and the insurance companies get rich from the premiums, over-billable medical coverage, and the priveledge of scrutinizing every decision you made in order to decline your coverage. Ok, back to the original concept…
The quickest way to prevent viral mutations and pandemic infections is to STOP INVENTING NEW ONES! Mumps, measles, smallpox, chickenpox, rubella, and a few other diseases were globally erradicated, but certain groups kept live viruses/cultures of it, for ‘research’ and ‘identification’. The 1918 virus (Spanish Flu) was completely emaciated, until some dumbass found a frozen culture (a frozen dead guy) in Alaska, and resurrected it with the help of the military. The BioWeapon industry is not much different than the Military Industrial Complex. Waging peace through war, democracy through control, and control through superior firepower. Along with the threat of you becoming an endangered species. Don’t worry, you’re almost there….
I clipped this passage straight from the National Vaccine Info Center ( or There a Vaccine for H1N1 Swine Flu?

Swine flu vaccines are being developed and will be tested by pharmaceutical companies and U.S. federal health agencies for release to Americans in the fall of 2009. As of July 23, 2009, FDA and CDC officials are discussing difficulties with H1N1 virus strain selection and production. Some have suggested that two doses of the vaccine given several weeks apart will be needed to confer protection.

An inactivated, injectable swine flu vaccine is being created by Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline and a live attenuated virus nasal spray vaccine is being created by MedImmune. A limited supply (about 60 to 80 million doses) may be available in September or mid-October. The government reportedly has contracted with vaccine manufacturers to produce a total of 193 million doses of swine flu vaccine (and also has ordered 119 million doses of MF-59 and AS03 adjuvant) (underline added by myself)

      —- end part 1 of 3


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