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Vaccines – The New WMDs – Part 1

In the wake of a Pandemic

by Roger Rance – Sept 13, 2009
As a precursor, please read Vaccines: The New Silent WMDs.

In the event of a national/global pandemic, many events and circumstances will inevitably unfold as part of the reactive and problematic properties in the wake of this pandemic. In this article I will reveal a potential collapse of a civilized continent in the event of a pandemic. Initially, there is the fear and concern of personal involvement incurred during such an event. As soon as a national medical emergency is announced, the domino effect will begin. Firstly, the infliction/prevention/cure/profitability index activates. The virus will sweep through entire communities and states, wreaking havok on all that inhale it, or agree to the mass vaccination. Employment attendance will become a forefront issue. Uncountable deaths may mount, while the elitists plan their moves just like a chess game. You’re the pawn, by the way…..
What could potentially happen if a major pandemic erupts? Many things. Here is a brief tabulation of possibilities:
Systemmic closures of schools/colleges
Systematic closures of businesses
Reduction in national logistics (i.e ports authorities, truck delivery/transportation)
Spotty public transportation (local metro busses/subways/taxis)
cancellations of sporting events/cinemas/concerts
bank closures/ATM cash shortages
severe overpopulation of health care institutions
less traffic on roads/interstates accompanied by possible road stops/blockades
reductions in local law enforcement/firefighters
rapid depletion of grocery/convenience stores
gasoline/heating oil shortages (critical in winter conditions)
intermittent/long term outages of public utilities (gas, water, power, trash pickup, etc)
closures of hospitality locations (hotels, restaurants, etc)
increased riots/looting/home invasions and other illegal activities
increased gang activity
higher rise in unemployment
increase of other diseases/illnesses due to sanitation buildup
massive increase of panic/shock/irrationality and other sociological reactions
As you can see, a REAL pandemic would carry a huge impact of unsustainability within many aspects of everyday life. The economic implosion would be staggering. Heavy and sustained illnesses/mortalities would greatly impact every aspect of national commerce. The number one ‘protective measure’ here would be to ban any large social gatherings, which would encompass over half of your daily activity. Not to mention the fact that there will be many people too ill to even return to work, which leaves a productivity/supply gap. We’re a service based economy, and depletions in the workforce will decrease abilities to render services. Supply chains could weaken or diminish. As an example, let’s consider a grocery warehouse worker. He becomes too ill to work so this series of events unfold:
He becomes ill by contracting it from a co-worker. He works for a day or 2 until he is too sick to work. By that time he has deposited the virus into the work area, where the truck driver comes to load up and make his grocery delivery to a chain market. In a day or two, the truck driver is now too sick to work. In this scenario, now the truck driver cannot deliver the goods the truck loader does not load. His co-workers contract the same virus and it is spread through the chain of logistics. Now the guy at the grocery store who is supposed to unload the truck gets ill after contact. He spreads the virus to another co-worker who would have stocked the shelves at the grocery store. So, just the fact that only 4 people have fallen ill and cannot work, it effects hundreds of potential shoppers just by lack of supply. Most grocery stores keep less than 1 week of stock in the back (due to spoilage and tax reasons). So even if 50 people in that chain of distribution get sick, the propagating potential of a food shortage becomes quite real. In even further digression, what if the guy at the shipping docks is out for a few days sick (along with a few other workers), and the shipping containers take a couple days longer to be unloaded? Sure this may be entirely speculative, but what if it, by some small chance, did happen? And since we are no longer an agricultural superpower, we cannot depend on our nations breadbasket to kick in. We’re service based, remember? Most of our food is imported from other countries, which is retarded since our own government (and the Monsanto thugs) forces/pays many farmers to NOT plant anything. Why? The internationalists have conditioned us to be dependant upon other nations to feed ourselves. In this country, the farmers are being forced to buy genetically altered seeds every year (at exhorbitantly high prices)! No saving seeds for next seasons crops. That’s intolerable to the Monsanto thugs. They control the worlds’ food. Surprised?
This scenario could be used in a broad spectrum of queries or situations. If every employee in a local gas station became too ill to work (from a constant influx of potentially ill patrons), then the service closes (also destroying profits). Same applies to restaurants, local businesses, chain stores, cinemas, and other civil functions. Now imagine that same scenario with the utilities industry. If there are only 3 guys working the water treatment plant, and all 3 are too sick to work, what happens then? Or the power companies and line-men? The trash pickup crews? The phone companies? Health care workers? State and local authorities? Limited capacities of law enforcement? Limited firefighting capability? EMS/EMT shortages due to pandemic conditions? The government itself cannot gurantee continuity of government. This is the cue for FEMA, the shadow government….
Perhaps, if the epidemic is severe enough to strictly limit public movement, then it will also effect banks and ATMs. ATMs do not automatically refill themselves. They are tended by people to collect deposits and fill the counters back up with fresh cash. If they get sick, they won’t be servicing them nearly as often. That will trigger larger customer flows into banks, and if the tellers get sick too, then the financial system suffers debilitating blows as well. And if the banks are becoming depleted too quickly, they will be ordered to close by presidential executive orders, and the vaults will be shut, accompanied by withdrawl amount rationing.
Hospitals and clinics will be overflowing with patients (which in itself serves to spread the virus to caretakers and transporters). Massive amounts of medications will be prescribed, and it is to question whether or not there will be adequate supply of medications. Heightened riot/gang activity will also spawn other emergencies within themselves, and with a potential lack of law enforcement and ambulatory services, the problems will compound and snowball.
Could this be averted by a global vaccination regimen? Perhaps if the pharmaceutical industry were subservient instead of domineering. Over the decades, vaccines have been proven to be ineffective and useless. The shots will be unsafe, as determined by independant labs, high ranking medical professionals, scientists, and advocates as well. The proposed ‘clinical trials’ are paid for by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, who are in on the grand design of what is currently happening across the globe. The lab results will be deemed safe. And they possibly would be in trials, as there are no preservatives or adjuvants added to the serum yet. Upon approval, they will be added in ‘to insure the contents of the syringe does not spoil, blah blah: shelf life, blah blah: logistics, blah blah blah’. So, no, there is no safe turnaround now. They won’t force the flu jab on you just yet. Instead, they will stir the public into a frenzy via media disinformation, and you will beg for it. That way they are not forcing their agenda. You simply permit them to do it to you. That way, there are no reprisals since ‘you demanded it’.
Prepare yourselves to witness one of the largest financial false flag operations in global history. It shows a potential of being a sweeping assault from many fronts. While our soldiers/military are overseas warring with other ‘terrorist’ countries in order to complete the global oil pipeline agenda (Iran is a major intersecting point in the planetary pipeline project), our homefront will be warring with a manmade pestilence and plague, along with whatever foreign troops are on our soil to enforce quarantines, and snuff the uprising of dissent. If this occurs as many of us have foreseen, then hold on to your hats folks. This is going to be a bumpy ride!  With only 2 weeks until the flu campaign begins here in the US, it will be interesting to see how this pandemic unfolds.


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