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The Global Industrial Complex – Part 1

The Global Industrial Complex – Part 1 
By Roger Rance

The Global Industrial Complex

As you can see, recent events are snowballing and escalating. And this report is not created to incite fear or panic, but is a compilation of world events and statistics that show the birth of a Global Industrial Complex, beset on a path of planetary control over finances, oil, jobs, transportation, birth/death, resources, infrastructure, energy, military power, commerce, health care, governing bodies, and their potential plans to become dictators. There is so much going on today (most of which is not even covered on mainstream news) that it is very difficult to gather all the pieces of this chaotic puzzle. Even harder is figuring out how it all fits together, but every piece has its’ own unique shape and has its’ place in the grand design. Just like Rothschild said 100 years ago “Give me control over a nations money, and I care not who makes the laws”. Let’s check out the global situation in a nutshell, shall we?
US military presence still in Iraq
-Building US bases, hoarding/controlling oil, killing millions of ‘terrorists’
US military presence in Afghanistan/Pakistan
-They want 100,000+ US soldiers plus machines there for….. Taliban??
US/NATO/UN military presence in Africa
– recent developments show there is OIL and Gas in Africa, therefore….
US military presence in Honduras/Columbia
– HUGE oil reserves in S America, and much needed US military bases.
US/NATO military presence in the Georgia Republic
– integral to the overall effort to surround/subjugate Russian authority
Massive US weapons stockpiles in Israel
– for the Gaza ‘defensive’ plus hundreds of thousands of tons of munitions
War crimes on Israeli govt/IDF from the Gaza incident
– the ‘shoot anything that moves’ order & use of illegal weaponry.
That $4 Billion pocket of natural gas that belongs to Gaza
– if Gaza were scrubbed from the map, that gas would belong to Israel
Covert election rigging in Afghanistan and Iran
– Covert manipulations to supplant a Globalist as ruler, failed miserably
Saudi Arabia allowing Israel to use its’ airspace to bomb Iran
– I was stunned when I read these reports
The Global Pipeline Agenda (‘War on Terror’)
– main objective is total control of global oil/gas reserves
Iran will be the cradle of the next World War (taking Russia by proxy)
– Initiating a war with Iran will involve US/NATO/UN vs Russia/China/Iran/NK
800+ FEMA camps being ramped up in the US
– Operation Garden Plot/Operation Cable Splicer AND Rex 84
Manmade pandemics and Big Pharma profiteering agenda
– pandemics are now genetically engineered and spread through vaccines.
The potential of the ‘Swine Flu’ vaccine being a H5N1 bioweapon
– in ref to the ‘US666 BioDefense Stockpiles and Baxter’s Avian flu shots.
Forced vaccinations on a ‘voluntary basis’ – media doubletalk
– Obama says ‘voluntary’ employers say ‘mandatory’. Govt doesn’t intervene.
All of the promises made by our prez were simply election lies
– no gun control, better health care, less war, cleaning up govt, jobs, $$, etc.
Crashing global economy and a weakening dollar value
– meaning the value of the US dollar was heavily manipulated
Gold and silver prices steadily increasing (already tripled in 2 years time)
– which directly signals the declining value of the US dollar
Manipulation of the stock markets to drain the countrys’ reserves
– where most of the bailout money went, along with offshore accounts
The plundering of our nations Social Security funds for war and profit
– there is about $2.5 trillion in that account, which was at one time over $10T
$2 trillion missing during bailout/TARP with no answers
– and Bernanke says the US will crumble if he reveals who/why
A staggering national debt
– $12,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) plus
The Global Warming scam (it’s all about the carbon tax, baby!)
– we’re nearing the end of an interglacial period. It’s a natural cycle.
A Healthcare overhaul that will bankrupt most of the populace
– socialized medicine at its finest. Program for the haves/have nots’
A Healthcare bill that will carry a $25k fine to non participants
– $25,000 fine and/or 1 year in jail for all of our newly unemployed citizens
A Congress/Senate/House of Reps that defy public opinion
– motivated by bribes, incentives, special interests, or blackmail and fraud
Low profile/High impact Executive orders and resolutions
– Present day actions on our 2nd Amendment without our input
Skyrocketing US unemployment/poverty rates
– the REAL figures are closer to 30%+ going by the U6 census statistics.
Military/Police countermeasures against public gatherings/protests
– the G20 protest in Pittsburg is a perfect example (i.e agent provacateurs)
Outsourcing more American jobs to other countries
– Al Gore just got $500M+ to develop overseas SWISS hybrid automobile.
Libya’s Moammar Ghadaffi calling the UN Security Council ‘Terrorists’
– also hinting the JFK assasination was a govt hit, and our BioPandemic
Smear campaigns on those who oppose the Military Industrial Complex
-their so called ‘axis of evil’ non-cooperative ‘terrorist states’
The Global Industrial Complex now working on total control of space
– Star Wars satellites have escalated the race to global domination
The bickering and global chest pounding for Arctic oil reserves.
– multiple countries in a race to claim ownership of the oil beneath the ice
That’s just to name a few, and not surprisingly, they all fit together like a puzzle. Allow me to break it down some so we will understand how the USA will be stripped of its’ superpower status and sink to 3rd world status within a decade. President Eisenhower warned us of the incoming Military Industrial Complex. JFK warned us about ‘secret societies’. Apparently we didn’t heed those words. The Orwellian agenda will be forcably accomplished by military means and bioterrorism, instituting a Global Industrial Complex by proxy of trillionnaires (Rothschild, Rockefeller, et al), oil barons, international bankers, corporatists, elitists, and their harem of expendable NWO sock puppets:
As you have noticed, there is now a great urgency to neutralize Iran. Regardless as to what you’ve learned on TV, Iran is a major non-cooperative in the global oil agenda. The Nabucco pipeline project/supply is not owned by US/UN alliances, therefore it must be siezed ‘for the greater good’ (under the guise of ‘war on terror blah blah blah’, ‘axis of evil yadda yadda’, ‘threat to American interests overseas bleh bleh blah’..). Funny thing about this ‘axis of evil’ is these nations refuse to get on board the Global Industrial Complex (GIC) and NWO cruise ship, so they are termed ‘evil’ by the NWO/Zionist/Illuminati owned broadcast media. They are defiled on public American media as ‘the bad guys’ when in fact they also fight for their freedom from the GIC. And their attempts to defend themselves is twisted by our broadcast media into being ‘an international threat to your individual peace, security, and freedom’. The events of 9/11 were perpetrated as a mass murder by our own governments with the disguise of targeting muslims in foreign lands. Again they pull out the typical Christian/Muslim ‘Rock em Sock em Robots’ ploy (because it works every time). They still play the master/Slave, Black/White, Jew/Goyam, Rich/Poor, terrorist/Patriot, Democrat/Republican, Liberal/Conservative male/female criminal/victim love/hate cards just to keep everything chaotic. And all the while, they drilled the words ‘terror’ ‘terrorist’ ‘terrorism’ into the public mind. Part of the psychosocial programming. It’s for instilling fear and panic into the maximum amount of people at one time. It turns all of US against all of THEM, at one moment in time, therefore empowering and enforcing the desired ideals and outcomes. They press the button and we react. Pavlov’s theory at work.
After all, the American people need a public enemy to funnel their anger and hostility at. There must be decisive retribution to settle our hearts and minds. Violence, in this event, gives us (as a nation) some closure- some texture of relief and revenge that is tangible in relieving our grief. We require blood for blood. It’s primal and barbaric, but it’s human nature, so they present to you, the face of a ‘bad guy’ – Osama Bin Laden and his band of criminals named Al Qaida. Bin Laden was a huge scapegoat for us, but is a revered martyr to his people (win-win situation for the NWO/GIC). News flash, Bin Laden has been dead for years. Benazir Bhuttros even admitted it, and was quickly assassinated by car bomb. The outright sacrificial murder of 3,000 of our own citizens, were staged and executed by enemies within (and working with) our own highly corrupt government. They lied to us and gave us the faces of middle eastern ‘terrorists’ in which to channel our anger (it’s an effective psychosocial programming tactic). They even included martyrs to cement their conviction, but half of them were still living in the middle east alive and well and had no idea they were involved in a terror plot (or on a plane in the USA for that matter). Why? Because as a collective mind, we are quite gullible and impulsive. We have been for decades. We unknowingly yet automatically put our trust into liars and thieves. The media (our handlers) taught us to behave this way. We always want someone else to do our dirtywork for us, so we can live our simple lives guilt free of 1st degree manslaughter. They persuaded us to think that muslims orchestrated the destruction of 2 massive Boeing 707-proof towers, and a missile ( I mean a huge 757 passenger aircraft that left no debris, bodies, fuel fires, engines, landing gear, or black boxes) attack upon the Pentagon leaving a schoolbus sized hole through 6 layers of 3 foot thich concrete (in which actual video footage has STILL been supressed). And the cruise missile (or reconniasance drone) that crashed in Pennsylvania, which was labeled ‘Flight 93’. Again, no bodies, no titanium/steel and carbon composite engines, no wings, no tail section, no massive fuel fires, no seats, no luggage, no cockpit equipment, no black boxes, and left a dump-truck size hole in the earth. That plane was seen later at a nearby airport bearing the plane ID numbers. Big question is, Where did the passengers go?!? What happened to the flight 77 and 93 survivors, since 350+ people and their luggage cannot fit into two 25′ pilotless vehicles?
A National State of Emergency was declared by Pres Bush from these events, and he has renewed that State of National Emergency EVERY YEAR, and recently Pres Obama renewed that same declaration!
We have been under a State of National Emergency since 2001 folks! Martial law dangles over our heads already like a carousel over a babys’ crib. This State of Emergency is now combined with the new ‘killer flu’ pandemic hoax, the economic crash (and grand larsony of taxpayer money by the malice of our national financiers summing up to the tens of trillions!), US persuance of fresh wars, and the healthcare debacle, police forces now equipped with military equipment and ‘non-lethal microwave weapons And yet, we just haven’t put the pieces together….
They fooled you into thinking we needed to destroy Al Qaida (another invention by the social engineers and Central Intelligence). So tens of thousands of troops were sent into Afghanistan (besides guarding the poppy and marijuana fields – used for funding CIA Black Ops and special projects) to find someone who wasn’t even IN Afghanistan (he was in a Yemen hospital being tended by American doctors for kidney problems), so we engaged the Taliban for busywork (‘war on terror blah blah blah’). Soon after, we found ourselves invading Iraq (again) because of WMDs. The first 2 UN weapons inspectors found nothing (so they were dismissed), then they found the 3rd who would cooperate and say ‘yes we found suspect materials’, so the war could start (with our approval of course). Keep in mind, we gave Iraq several months to ‘hide the evidence’ before we invaded. Before Desert Storm, Iraq sent much of its military equipment and munitions to Iran to hold until after the invasion. Guess what? Iran kept it as repairations for war damages, so now they just got inadvertently resupplied by the US (who originally supplied Iraq when they were warring with Iran). The 2nd invasion was along the same format but the main objective was to eliminate Hussein since he wasn’t cooperating with the global oil barrons. There are other reasons to remove this man, but I will not go into those particulars in this article. From that point there has been a perpetuating declaration from Bush on his rediculous ‘Global War on Terror’ which is nothing but a global crusade by the Military Industrial Complex to complete the global Oil and Natural Gas pipelines, and to take control of ALL the worlds oil/gas supplies and the governments that oversee them. He who has the oil makes the rules. I can’t say I ever remember when North Koreans, Sudanese, or Venezuelans plotted to attack America with WMDs, boxcutters, shoebombs, or ‘hijacked planes’. If one were to geographically research any invaded country, you will find connections to either A) natural exploitable resources or B) a fresh plot for a US/NATO military facility, C) to supplant a non-cooperative government, or D) All of the above.
It continues today. Iran, as of lately is becoming a key property to the ‘PipeLiners’. Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran are the only missing pieces to the global puzzle (sans the Arctic Circle). It is an unusual coincedence that we would have hundreds of thousands of international forces in place to assault the Taliban, when at the exact same time the tensions against Iran are escalating. Sounds like the Global Industrial Complex happened to be ‘at the right place at the right time’. Russia, China, and most of Europe are all interconnected. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and other neighbors are all connected (incidentally, Saudi Arabia supplies most of the worlds oil, and the US is the largest consumer in the world… go figure). Now the objective is to connect them together (the Nabbuco pipeline project scheduled to start next year). They won’t do it willingly, so the Global Industrial Complex is creating an unnecessary war (because heir subversions failed) in order to sieze control of the oil/gas. The American public is being lied to (as they have been for generations), as they are presenting this confrontation to the ill-informed public as an ‘Iran will nuke the world, and destroy our freedom and resolve’ scenario, just like they did with Iraq, and like they will do with North Korea and a few countries in South America (the land of drug cartels). And although Pakistan is a hotbed for unusual activities, they are nuclear capable too, as is India.
Their solution to satisfying their greed is to throw as many US soldiers as it will take to achieve the goal. To them, soldiers are simply cannon fodder for the cause, and the MIC understands that WHEN they die, they can recruit more sacrificial lambs to throw to the slaughter. Our military is being conned into waging wars that never needed to be. The MIC has convinced the soldiers that they are ‘fighting terrorism’, when in fact they are henchmen/thugs for the global elitist agenda. I, along with our fellow citizens have great respect for our service men and women, although some still feel our military is actually going after Bin Laden while the rest of us know the true reason and motive of the DoD, Secretary of Defense, and Joint Chiefs of Staff (and them other parties involved who set up residence inside mountains and in deep bunkers). One must understand that these wars are pre-conceptualized and manipulated by a table full of selfish powermongers, International bankers and Industrialists, all being served by the greed of high ranking military and govt officials.. They have enough power to manipulate countries and their governments (which have military might and corrupt leaders). They also understand that after they crash the global economy, a major war is the only way to ‘recover’ (‘it creates jobs, opportunities, and hope blah blah blah’ ‘strength in commerce and community yadda yadda bleh bleh’..’), so they create unnecessary wars for our soldiers to go die in, all in the name of the ‘war on terror’, in order to justify their ill gotten motives to kill off a continental population and take their natural resources. Their ‘anti terrorist’ actions lead to massive genocides worldwide, all for power and control. And sent hundreds of thousands of our own military men and women to die for no justifiable reason at all, except greed and satanic domination. And while we mourn for our fallen soldiers, they gloat on TV about how we’re ‘winning the war on terror yadda yadda yadda, feel proud of your sacrifices blah blah, patriotism and freedom..’ They corrupt the public concept and emotion by instilling fear and false illusion into it, so that the public will beg for ‘safety and security’ with unknown sacrifices to their liberty and freedom. That’s exactly what happened after 9/11. They convinced a naive public that muslim ‘terrorists’ did this, so they enacted the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, The Patriot Act 2, a reconstituted Defense Act, a corucopia of Presidential Executive Orders and Congressional Resolutions, etc. And every one of those acts gouged away at our freedoms without us even knowing about it. We unknowingly gave them permission to eavesdrop on our phone calls, emails, bank activities, erect police roadblocks, being tracked by GPS and OnStar technology, every intimate detail of your life put under the microscope, and other unjustifiable acts without us being told they would become ‘legal’ now. Look back in history briefly. Adolf Hitler arranged the destruction of the Reichstag Parliament building (their 9/11 WTC catastrophe) and used it as a convincing prerequisite to launch a major war on ‘communism’ while implementing The Enabling Act (eerily identical to the Patriot Act). History is repeating itself, but on a larger scale today.
But since they require manpower for their military meatgrinder for now, they pull massive reserves from the masses, which raises the likelihood of mandated drafts in the future. And since Iran is now a ‘major threat’, US/NATO sock puppets are now preparing for a confrontation with their primary pipeline puzzle-piece, which is quite convenient that we are already built up in Afghanistan. Wow, isn’t that convenient? The most frightening aspect of this next incursion will have all the potential of a powder keg, ready to explode all over europe and abroad. Russia has already made it known that they will protect Iran (due to national interests) as Russia and China are now allies, along with Syria, Venezuela, Libya, and some of of the Caucasus/Baltic states.
Last year Georgian military (trained and outfitted by US/NATO resources) invaded South Ossetia (Bushs’ orders) in which Russia quickly reacted and commenced to handing Georgias’ ass back to them on a platter. The defeated forces in the area quickly figured out that they will lose alot of soldiers real quick if this happens again. This event was enabled low profile under the global distraction of the Olympics in China. Many of the GIC/NWO hostile actions take place while larger global entertainment is prevailing, just like the bread and wine campaigns at the Gladiator games in ancient Greece. When Bush learned that his plan was badly foiled, he responded by ordering a missile defense system be installed at the Russian border to include radar sites in Poland and Czech Republic (to conn the world into thinking it was ‘defending itself from Russia’). When Russian president Medvedev found out about this, he counteracted by ordering HIS missile bases be put on HIS border. Russia was not about to be pulled into a world war, but would not be an easy target either. You see, Bush got himself painted into a corner on this move.
The Clintons had their moments too. Remember David Koresh and the Branch Davidians incident in Waco? Turns out a couple of the branch hackers breeched a secret black ops website and found a few documents about how the CIA was trafficing drugs/weapons and working the slave trade (hmmm unsolved missing children cases?) through a ghost entitiy called Buffalo Airlines, located right outside the Branch Davidian property. The order was given by Hillary Clinton, and relayed to Janet Reno to ‘kill them all’. They did not want this story to ever leak out, ever. Why else was there so many police, FBI, and ATF agents there? Of course they used the ‘they have lots of weapons in there’ excuse as a TV coverup. That is the first time I ever saw tear gas cartridges BLOW UP! They posted snipers in a few strategic areas to make sure there were no escapees (yes, children included). The primary objectives of that mission was to exterminate everyone and destroy the computers. The illegal arms/drugs and child/female slve industries are quite lucrative for the overall agenda netting them billions of untraceable/untaxable dollars per year.
And before reading the next few paragraphs, please understand that there is a big difference between Zionist Jews, and Israeli citizens. It is equal to the comparison that there is a big difference between our US Zionist government, and US citizens. So, moving on…
Along the same potentiate of sparking regional conflict, in 2008 Israeli forces began a massive offensive against the peoples of Gaza (Palestine). There are 2 sides to this story but it still resulted in a showdown between slingshots and cannons. Israel grew weary of having mortars and rockets being fired at them (although very few had the range to hit anything but sand) due to the anger and contempt Gazans had for being caged, starved, and harrassed by Israeli Defense Forces. They retaliated in the only other option they had (besides rerouting supply lines through Egypt/Sinai). And since they continued doing this, the Prime Minister (along with the IDF) comprised a huge offensive (called Operation CAST LEAD) on the masses of Gaza under the illusion that they were ‘defending themselves’ against Hamas. And during this ‘defensive action’ they were caught redhanded using illegal weaponry (i.e white phosphorous, and other radioactive dispersing artillery). The hunt for hundreds of Hamas resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians (including women and children) with IDFmembers later confessing they were given order to ‘shoot anything that moves’. And Israel was being heavily resupplied by US stockpiles via a freighter leaving port of Greece en route with hundreds of thousands of tons of munitions including white phosphorous, and depleted uranium ammo (despicable ways of using up spent nuke reactor rods). And who says we’re not puppets to the Zionist regime in Jerusalem? Is Israel backing the US, or is the US backing Israel? An even better question is, how many times have the zionist elite in Israeli government pulled the US into their agenda? The only thing our media covered was Olmert crying ‘hamas hamas hamas, they shoot rockets at us’, while denying coverage about the story of oppression in Gaza itself, or US public protests to stop the murders in Gaza. WE were told of the few IDF casualties while little was mentioned about Gazan casualties (unless it was Hamas eliminations), until public outcry altered the direction of the media. The US media is pro-ZionistJew since a majority of broadcast and printed media are owned by Jewish entities, so completely biased news is broadcast under the premise of ‘truth’.
This event coming in on the heels of the Israeli military losing their battle in Lebanon in 2006 (in which the IAF littered Lebanon with thousands of mines from cluster bombs, even after the war was declared officially ‘over’, and still remain active). Israel was suspected of trying to stage a war with them again in 2008. While the Gaza conflict was just gearing up, several missiles were fired upon Israel from their northern neighbor Lebanon. The Lebanese army had found other rockets still set up on their border, but ironically they were aimed at Israel, and these rockets were equipped with timers instead of being manually fired. One can only speculate the perpetrators and motives on this. On a side note, Gaza is STILL awaiting supplies to rebuild with. And even though they have $4 billion dollars worth of natural gas that could be piped and marketed, the Israeli navy has control of the Gaza shoreline, therefore denying them access to their very own resources. I’m quite sure the Zionist regime has already found a way to slant drill into the pockets and siphon off all they want while reimbursing Palestine ZERO for it. It is motivated by totalitarianism of both Olmert and Netenyahu. Israel feels the need to expand, and it will probably succeed as the Zionists still have Gaza locked down, and are choking off the West Bank by drying up water supplies within the gated province, and settling in illegal territory. The UN continues to drag their feet on this and the Gaza incident. It is not the US population directly backing them, but the politicians and Elitists within the ivory control towers of influence over our finances, corporations, military, and the mechanisms for their self survival. American citizens wanted it stopped, just as many other countries did. They’did not listen. The UN whispered for them to stop for a week, yet the IDF continued. Why? The UN didn’t want to get involved until the world demanded it. They were at the mercy of Zionist interjection, so they pretended to be concerned and be the power wielding authority, but we see how far that went. Olmert stated that the IDF would not stop until their ‘objectives’ were fulfilled. Just like burning the clothes to get the buttons off.
All of these wars remove soldiers from their homeland and sends them afar, which is a normal activity to UN soldiers. This in itself shrinks the ability of the nation to defend itself. Especially in the wings of a major employment disaster. In the US, families are contending with the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression, which is still enduring bubble after bubble of debt explosions. Call them financial landmines if you will. Our own economy is a battlefield with bank insolvency, state funds drying up, credit default bubbles, housing bubbles, mortgage bubbles, automobile maker/buyer bubbles, employment bubbles, personal debt bubbles, unheard of Defense budgets, new and improved taxes and fines, and a hodgepodge of other financial lacerations. According to the recent quotes, only 10% of our nation is unemployed. We all know better than that.The government uses their own propagadist statistics to give the illusion of carefree happy times. In reality the true numbers reflect a greater sinkhole of lost wages and benefits. Their figures use the inaccurate (media friendly) U3 employment statistics when the U6 is more accurate, but in order to be realistic, the U6 figure needs to be doubled to be more precise. Their statistics fail to factor in other variables like people who have been unemployed for more than 1 year, self employed people whos’ business has floundered, people who were working ‘under the table’ who lost their jobs, workers compensation filings, some that were terminated (fired) and were not eligible for benefits, the ones whos benefits have expired, those younger ones that have yet to find their first job, and those too ill to work. Realistically, about half of the populace is properly employed, taking into account the ones that are working part time but still seeking full time employment. We’re still losing 500,000 jobs a month with no expectations of an upturn for another year. With manufacturing at an all time low, and imports down by nearly 50%, the service and merchandising industry is taking a beating, along with restaraunts, hotels, travel industry, and specialty stores. Family businesses are nearly dried up and defunct because of the monopoly of national franchises and consumer gullibility. The chasm that seperates the rich from the poor is an ever widening void. Upper middle class is extinct, while realtime middle class is endangered and merging with the poor to create a wider category of lower middle class and upper low class. It is all rotating around the entity called money (or Imperial Paper), and how it has been siphoned systemmatically throughout the citizenry of America. If you don’t believe me, feel free to ask one of the residents in the many tent cities popping up around the country, or the folks who lost their entire life savings and 401k because of illegal Enron book-keeping, or the folks who were scammed out of their nest egg by the Maddoff initiated multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Many of which were middle class whom have lost their jobs, precipitating a loss of everything else (no money, no job, then no home, then no car, then no medical, then no food or freedom) which also encapsulates their family as well.
The national debt has climbed $2,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars this year alone bring the natinal debt to the $12,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollar mark with $7.6 trillion of that being PUBLIC DEBT! That means that is OUR bill for this mess. And only $2.5 trillion is actually in the Social security coffers, and given current projections of private entities, social security funds will be in BIG trouble in 10 years. We’ve already allocated over $725,000,000,000 (billion) to the Iraq war alone. Just imagine an Afghan and Iran war stacked on top of it. The Afghanistan war alone will cost $65+ billion/yr. Visit for all of these financial updates/statistics.


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